• 2009-06-07

    Tiffany & Co. to Relaunch Its Web Site - [shopping]


      Tiffany & co.announced at a meeting of security analysts and investors tonight that the company will relaunch its Web site(www.Tiffany1837.com) on November 26, subject to final testing. The modern, easy-to-navigate site will offer greater access to information about the company, its history and products, and include a shopping section, reinforcing the company's reputation for design excellence, quality, lasting value, and customer service. Four existing departments have been updated and redesigned on the new Web site and serve as valuable consumer education tools: Jewelry Expertise includes information from tiffanys"How To Buy A Diamond" booklet and tips on caring for jewelry. Tiffany Style details some of the company's exclusive jewelry, silver, crystal and china designs, as well as biographies of Tiffany designers. About Tiffany provides financial information and an in-depth look at the company's history. TIFFANY FOR BUSINESS highlights the company's business-to-business division, including service and recognition programs, business gift suggestions, sports trophies and custom awards. The Web site's new shopping section will include 228 products and focus primarily on jewelry. Visitors to the site may choose from a range of the company's renowned jewelry designs from a purchase price of $75 to $18,000. A selection of crystal, tableware and gift items will also be available. "Our primary objective is to communicate a broad view of Tiffany by providing more complete information about our products, as well as our unique design heritage," said James E. Quinn, vice chairman of Tiffany & co. "The expanded site will provide a customer with a menu to experience many aspects of tiffany jewellery: superior design, a legacy of trust, a position of authority, and an uncompromised source of value." Tiffany & Co. is the international jeweler and specialty retailer. Sales are made through TIFFANY & CO. stores and boutiques, and to select retailers and distributors, in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Direct Marketing sales are made through tiffanys Corporate and Catalog divisions. Additional information can be found on the company's shareholder information line